Better Technology

The Cost of
Traditional Paper

The manufacturing of traditional paper made from wood pulp releases chemicals into our air, water and soil. Every ton of pulp paper consumes 20 trees, 160,000 gallons of water and 25 million BTUs of energy.  It also creates 236 lbs of atmospheric emissions, 42 lbs of water-borne waste and 167 lbs of solid waste.

Our Energy Efficient Paper

We Do More Than Save Trees

Stone Paper uses a simpler, more flexible manufacturing process. Our paper is energy efficient, toxin-free and less expensive to manufacture than traditional white coated paper.  And unlike pulp paper, there is no water consumption, no bleaching and no toxic pollutants emitted into the environment during manufacturing.

An Introduction To Stone Paper

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Our Environmental Impact

Stone Paper has a lower impact on the environment than wood-pulp paper. The transition to making paper from earth-friendly minerals has long-term positive effects for the health of our air, water and soil.

Our revolutionary manufacturing process means for every ton of wood pulp paper replaced with Stone Paper we can save:
20 trees • 160,000 gallons of water • 25 million BTUs (Energy) • 236 lbs atmospheric emissions • 42 lbs water-borne waste • 167 lbs. solid waste.


Trees Saved


Gallons of Water Conserved


LBS of Atmospheric Emissions Reduced