Better Boxes

Engineered to take advantage of the unique properties of Stone Paper, our new corrugated Stone Boxes are specifically designed to replace wax and synthetic coated boxes. Because it's made with Stone Paper, our boxes are waterproof, durable, cosmetically appealing and 100% recyclable.

Unlike typical shipping boxes, our Stone Boxes can be used in water and temperature sensitive applications. Which makes it ideal for transporting fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables or frozen items like meat, poultry and seafood.

Introducing Corrugated Stone Boxes!

Replacing Coated Boxes

Every year, roughly 25 billion square feet of wax boxes and other synthetic coated boxes are shipped in the US. However, wax and other synthetic coatings can create problems for recycling and production plants. In addition, they are expensive to manufacture, difficult to print on and cosmetically unappealing.

Our new, revolutionary corrugated Stone Boxes are a more economical and more sustainable alternative to wax and synthetic coated boxes.