Better Paper

Applications & Benefits

Invented after decades of trial and error, our patented Stone Paper manufacturing process is vastly superior to the centuries-old traditional process of making paper. Not only is Stone Paper cheaper to produce, it has many features and benefits that make it better than traditional paper.

Stone Paper is up to 30% cheaper to produce compared to traditional white coated paper, which means it's both eco-friendly and it offers substantial cost savings for printers and packagers.

Used By Global Brands

Stone Paper is already being used in a variety of paper applications including rigid and flexible packaging. Many of the largest global brands at the forefront of progressive sustainability initiatives are using Stone Paper to help increase brand awareness.

Above are just some of the many companies using Stone Paper and packaging to lead the way in responsible environmental business practices.


If you’d like to purchase high quality, environmentally friendly Stone Paper products we are proud to feature imStone, creators of innovative Stone Paper applications. imStone is a partner of Taiwan Lung Meng, the inventors of mineral based paper, and is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future.