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Stone Paper, US

Stone Paper, US is a joint venture between Taiwan Lung Meng, the inventors of mineral based paper, and Ajia Group in the United States. Our plan is to manufacture over 1 million tons of mineral paper in the United States, beginning with a 60,000 ton Stone Paper manufacturing facility. 

Our goal is to create local job and investment opportunities here in the United States. Currently, Stone Paper products are manufactured and imported from Taiwan. By bringing manufacturing to the United States, we aim to create thousands of well paying jobs and invest hundreds of millions of dollars towards underserved communities around the US.

Stone Paper, US is a minority owned business based in the US. We believe the best way to improve both local and international relationships is through better trade and investment. As proud Asian-American citizens, our desire is to foster meaningful business relationships between Asia and America as well as within the Asian-American community in the United States.

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